The Alarm Clock is a political extremist group only seen in Wake Up Ron Burgundy. They often rob banks and held Veronica Corningstone hostage.


The group has performed many Bank Roberies attempting to bring about a motive they haven't agreed on. After on of their members is discovered by Veronica, he is interviewed by Ron Burgundy, he then steals the news van and disappears. The group later kidnaps Veronica, and hope to use her in a pirate broadcast. Later they kidnap Ron and use him in the broadcast. The group make the broadcast still without any clear motive for any of their actions. Their plans are foiled by The News Team and they are put in jail for 5 years. Once the group is released they created a company called Macintosh, they are now worth 6 Billion dollars, they also own the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

Motives Edit

The motives of The Alarm Clock are unclear. Writer of the group's manifesto, Paul Hauser believes the group stands for Recycling, Electric Cars, Healthy Eating, and Computer Interaction. The rest of the group believe his beliefs are crazy and don't agree with his motives. Some can argue that the group's beliefs are race related because of their race undertone. Completely, the group has said they want to bring "The Truth", "Freedom", and "Revolution".

Crimes Edit

  • Multiple Bank Robberies
  • 1 Attempted Bank Robbery
  • Theft of the Channel 4 News Team Van
  • Kidnapping of Veronica Corningstone
  • Kidnapping of Ron Burgundy
  • Pirate Broadcasting

Motto Edit

"The alarm clock is ringing!"


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