Jess M

Jess Moondragon is Ron Burgundy's mentor and life counselor. While Ron does question his suggestions and perverted attitiude he still respects him. Jess Moondragon is portrayed by Chad Everett.

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie Edit

Moondragon calls Ron after he has been fired from the Station. Ron meets Moodragon at his mountain home and they talk about their sexual desires for mother nature. Eventually the conversation becomes to much for Ron. Ron eventually leaves after Moondragon asks if he wants to take a nude nature walk, which Moondragon actually does. Ron later contacts him after the terrorist group "The Alarm Clock" kidnapps Veronica at a broadcast tower near Moodragon's house. Moondragon arranges for The News Team to get ATVs to take ride to the tower. He meets them while nude nature walking, and gives them the ATVs.

Character Edit

Jess Moondragon appears to be a wealthier older man living in the forested mountains outside of San Diego. He spends his years mentoring Ron Burgundy even though he gives little advice and Ron does not believe in his advice. He is a very perverted man who enjoys various sexual activities and likes talking about them. He sees no taboo in most sexual activities with men or women. He also enjoys Nude Nature Walks which he takes with friends or alone.

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