Frank Vitchard is the main anchorman who works for Channel 2 News Team. He was one of many anchormen to partake in the first News Team fight at the climax of Anchorman and secondary antagonist in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. He is Ron Burgundy’s arch-rival and portrayed by Luke Wilson.

He was born on May 30 1942.

Appearance Edit

Frank is 33 years old. He has dark brown hair, hazel eyes.

Biography Edit

During News Team Fight 1.0 Frank was about kill someone possibly a member of Channel 4 or another news team before his right arm was sliced off by The Public News Anchorman. This left a permanent injury to him. Three months later, Frank told sex of the panda guess is female. Later on his last arm was taken off by a Bear at the San Diego Zoo.


Memorable Quotes Edit

  • ”’’Hey!
  • ”’’If you’re gonna have a fight, then don’t forget Channel 2 News with me, lead anchor Frank Vitchard.
  • ”’’Yeah? Well, you’re about to be in... dead place.
  • ”’’We’ve talked about this, Ron. A dog cannot be a gentleman! (Deleted scene)
  • ”’’I’m gonna straight-up murder your ass!
  • ”’’Ahh! God! Oh! I did not see that coming!
  • ”’’I’m not talking to you because you cut off my arm. (Deleted scene)
  • ”‘’ I can only speculate as to the sex of the panda, but if I had to guess, I’d say female.
  • ”’’The bears have descended on the news team and it’s not going well. Clearly, after today, I will no longer...
  • ”’’Come on! Oh, God! It’s getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous!
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