Doby is the shark adopted by Ron Burgundy, Veronica Corningstone and Walter Burgundy. He was Ron's second pet after Baxter.


Doby was discovered washed ashore in a shark net by Ron and Veronica's son Walter. After freeing the shark from the net, Ron releases Doby into a shallow bank cut off from the ocean, so that he can become strong and healthy. During this time, Ron develops a strong relationship towards the shark; even though he couldn't see it. After becoming fit and healthy, Ron, Veronica and Walter release Doby into the ocean in an emotional scene. Ron sings the song "Doby" and the shark vanishes into the ocean.

Shark AttackEdit

The following paragraph contains spoilers. Do not read any further.

During the wedding of Brick Tamland and Chani, which takes place at the beach, Ron sees a shark in the water and immediately assumes that it is Doby. Ron, followed by the wedding party, makes his way to the water. Ron  dives into the water and swims to Doby. Everyone standing on the beach thinks that the shark won't recognize Ron, but they are proven wrong as the two characters embrace. Ron is then attacked by the shark, but Baxter appears and swims to Ron. Baxter banishes Doby and Ron swims back to the shore.

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