Ron Burgundy - Main character. Lead anchor on channel 4 news. Best character

Veronica Corningstone - Female lead character. Ron’s love interest and wife.

Champion "Champ" Kind - Sidekick character. Ron’s co worker and friend.

Brian Fantana - Secondary character. Ron’s friend.

Brick Tamland - Comic Relief character. Ron’s another friend.

Edward "Ed" Harken - Elderly character. Who works for the Channel 4 News Team.

Garth Holiday - Seconday character. Ed Harken’s assistant.

Tino - Secondary character. The latino owner of his self titled resturant.

Chani - Secondary female character. Brick’s lover.

Wes Mantooth - First villain. Ron’s formerly rival and lead anchor of Evening News Team.

Jack Lime - Second villain. Ron’s new arch-nemesis.

Frank Vitchard - Secondary villain. who is anchor for Channel 2 News Team. He is Ron’s archenemy.

Public News Anchorman - Major villain. who is a anchor for Public News Team. He is Veronica’s arch-nemesis.

Mack Tannen - Minor villain. He is Ron and Veronica’s boss.

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